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Vladimír Musílek (1926)


Like an idiot, I told him that I wanted to get to know Indochina properly as a soldier

Vladimír Musílek was born January 19, 1926 in the Sudetenland in the now extinct village Ervěnice in the Most district. During the war he moved to Prague, where he learnt the waiter's trade and where he also met his wife. Their son was born in 1944, however, after a disagreement with his wife he emigrated in May 1948, and in December 1948 he joined the Foreign Legion. Most of the time he served mostly in the officers' mess hall. Altogether he has served in the Legion for five years. He spent the years 1951- 1953 in Indochina where he also took part in combat operations. For two years he worked in a factory in Paris, and then made use of the offered amnesty and in November 1955 he returned to Czechoslovakia to his wife and son. In 1961 he signed a cooperation agreement with the Secret Police, but he actually did not collaborate with them at all, and in autumn 1962 the StB annulled the agreement. At present he lives in Prague-Strašnice.

With legionnaires, VM kneeling in the front

In the combat uniform

Vladimír Musílek in Na San

Vladimír Musílek as a legionnaire

His favourite dog

In the ceremonial uniform

Remembrance Day at the French Embassy

Vladimír Musílek in 2011




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