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Remembrance Day in Milan


Some WW1 Photographs…

November 12, 2012

Yesterday 11 November was my first Remembrance Day in Milan. Indeed the end of WW1 in Italy is the 4 November and isn’t – unfortunately – a Bank Holiday. The date of 11 November doesn’t have special any meaning for Italian people, and the day is usually spent at my desk at work, as usual. As this year the 11th was a Sunday, I had the chance to go where the ceremony is held for the French community living in Milan: the Tempio della Vittoria located near Sant’Ambrogio church. Indeed, this monument holds the remains of 51 French soldiers (50 dead during the Great War, 1 during the Second one). The consul, other representants of French authorities, French and Italian officers were present, with a group of Italian veterans of the French Légion Etrangère. A simple and touching ceremony, and a way to discover other French citizens interested in the fate of these soldiers (and my poppy was very appreciated).

The Tempio della Vittoria under the rain

A veteran of the Légion Etrangère




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